i miss lost
i'm eric and i hope that you stumbled on this blog looking for lost posts and random pictures of cute guys. that's what my blog might be. forever obsessed with lost. i take too many pictures of myself and i want to live in new york city and write forever.


ben linus - tropes

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lost + silhouettes

"You ever been to Alcatraz — take the tour? Right now you’re standing on a small island roughly twice the size of Alcatraz. And that over there — that’s your island — the one you’ve come to know and love. I just wanted you to know there’s nowhere to run.”

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Top Ten Lost Scenes: 3. The Others seeing Flight 815 crash. 

Jack Shephard has done what he came to this place to do. He has found his purpose. He has found love. And been loved. And he has finally found a way to love himself. The bamboo sways across the bleu sky. And Jack Shephard’s eye closes one final time. He is gone.

Top Ten Lost Scenes: 8. Ben and Hurley share a chocolate bar